Royston school dodges North Herts education cuts

A ROYSTON school has denied it is to make redundancies, despite a warning that all North Herts Schools will be affected by staff cuts.

The cuts mean that a number of teachers, back office workers, administrators and sports partnership staff across the county will lose their jobs.

But Meridian headteacher Dr Michael Firth says his school will not be affected.

“We are safe from the cuts,” he said. “It is my understanding that all schools are struggling and everybody is fearful for the future, but the jobs of those employed at Meridian are safe. However, we regret that school sports partnerships and extended school partnerships are ending.

“Some partnerships are having their funding massively reduced, but this is apparent all over the country.”

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers union (ATL) said that North Hertfordshire schools would be affected, and around 10 per cent of schools across the county would have to make redundancies.

Hertfordshire ATL secretary Aneurin Hathway said: “This affects schools across the county – no one area is exempt.

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“The first redundancies will take effect at the end of the academic year, with another batch for December being consulted on now.

“It means that a great number of people whose services are valued in schools are losing their jobs. We are very worried about that.”

North Hertfordshire College has already confirmed it is to lose around 30 teaching jobs and will discontinue some of its courses.

Meanwhile, Dr Firth confirmed Meridian was still working on the possibility of adopting academy or federated status, although it was no closer to a final decision.

“We are going through a formal process now where we consult stakeholders, do tests and get solicitors on board,” he said.

“In the next few weeks things will start to shape up, but what we do know is people are keen to preserve what is important to them.

“If that involves changing to academy or federation status then that’s great.

“The Department for Education is very busy with this at the moment though, so a final decision may not come through until just before the term starts.”