Royston’s MP speaks out on London Riots

ROYSTON’S MP has spoken out on the riots spreading across London and has welcomed the recalling of parliament.

Last night saw the third night of rioting in the the capital and running battles being fought by the police against the mobs.

Oliver Heald said: “I think it’s a good idea to recall parliament, it’s been really quite shocking to see the criminality and violence in London.

“It’s very hard to explain it as a protest when people are looting - I’m a strong supporter of peaceful protest but these people are going out on the rampage and looting people’s shops.

“It’s just lawlessness and it needs to be stamped down on.”

Parliament will meet on Thursday to discuss the riots and MPs will be returning from the traditional summer recess.

Mr Heald also paid tribute to the police who have been battling the rioters - in particular those drafted in from Hertfordshire to assist in the operation.

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Around 6,000 officers were on hand last night but David Cameron has said today that 16,000 will be on the streets tonight.

Millions of pounds worth of damage has been caused and around 450 people have been arrested.

The riots were sparked after a man was shot and killed by officers last Thursday and a protest descended into violence on Saturday night.