Royston’s MP hits out over A505 decision

ROYSTON’S MP says he is “disappointed” with the decision by a county council’s decision not to reduce the speed limit on what is claimed to be a dangerous stretch of the A505.

Oliver Heald said: “I’m a long standing supporter of doing something to improve that junction and in particular reducing the speed limit.

“I was very disappointed to see it’s not looking promising for that.”

The Crow revealed last week that pleas to lower the speed limit from 70mph to 50mph near the Odsey junction had been rejected by officials.

And it is alleged a Hertfordshire County Council report described the A505 as a good example of a 75mph road.

Mr Heald added: “About two years ago I had a meeting with Hertfordshire Highways and representatives of all levels of local government and people from South Cambridgeshire – and we all agreed that something had to be done. I’m disappointed that hasn’t taken place.

“The claim it’s a 75mph stretch of road is very surprising.”

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Mr Heald’s worries were echoed by district councillor Robert Inwood who has called for another review into the junction.

The junction sees motorists pulling out into 70mph road from stationary, and drivers can cut across four lanes of high speed traffic.

Cllr Inwood, who is also Royston’s mayor, said: “I hope that highways look into it and I will be interested to see what their reports show what they can do about the situation.

“I will be looking for that report and I would be quite happy to work closely with anyone.”

The revelation that the speed limit will not be reduced came after a review by Hertfordshire Highways into the county’s A roads.

The authority said there was nothing more to add to its position last week when it stated: “We installed safety cameras along the A505 in 2007 and since then we have had two accidents along this stretch of road.

“They were not related to speeding or to the Odsey junction.

“Hertfordshire Highways’ Speed Management Group, which includes the police, has undertaken a review of speed limits on Hertfordshire’s A roads.

“This review concluded that the national speed limit is appropriate for this road.