'Freedom Day' changes in our area

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Royston and the surrounding villages are reacting to 'Freedom Day' - Credit: PA

It had been billed as 'Freedom Day' - when all government restrictions lift and the journey from pandemic to normal life takes a significant step forward - but has it?

Many have been celebrating July 19 and the doing away with legal restrictions, others may find themselves erring on the side of caution.

The government is asking people and businesses to make informed decisions about how to manage the risk to themselves and others.

The reaction from our area has been one of caution - with the mayor of Royston emphasising the need for personal responsibility as key in continuing the return to normal life. 

Royston First is also reminding people that businesses can set their own safety precautions.

Their statement said: "With the rules on mask wearing and social distancing being lifted, a little reminder to please respect our businesses and premises who still request that you wear a mask when visiting their premises.

"Business owners are able to set the terms for entry to their premises so we'd recommend that everyone still carries their mask with them."

North Herts District Council has said that all council-operated public-facing vicinities would remain cautious, and continue to implement some restrictions.

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A spokesperson said: "Our staff will also continue to wear masks and follow additional cleaning, hygiene and handwashing procedures for the time being to protect you and our staff."

Bus operator A2B travel - which runs services including the 17 from Royston to The Mordens, 31 from Addenbrooke's to Barley, and the 202 Ashwell link - has said they will join Stagecoach East and Whippet Coaches in "recommending the continued wearing of face masks while travelling."

The easing of restrictions has meant other venues are finally able to reopen. Royston's district museum is reopening on July 31 - keep an eye on www.roystonmuseum.org.uk.

In another change, Cambs County Council has said that more vehicles will be permitted into Thriplow tip - but the booking system will remain in place.

"We will be reviewing the booking system in August before deciding whether it will remain in place after August 31," CCC said.

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