Royston Poppy Appeal organiser on stepping down after six years

Lorraine MacLeod hopes newer volunteers can take the responsibility of organising the town's appeal

Lorraine MacLeod hopes newer volunteers can take the responsibility of organising the town's appeal on next year as she is set to step down. Picture: Amy Murphy - Credit: Archant

Departing Royston Poppy Appeal organiser Lorraine MacLeod has reflected on her time co-ordinating fundraising efforts in the community.

Lorraine has been involved with the appeal for seven years, and the organiser for the last six.

She said: "I started doing the poppy appeal due to an advert in the Crow. I used to work in a residential care home for the elderly - which is where I met Alfie and Victor, two residents who would sob their hearts out talking about their time serving in the Second World War.

"That has always sat with me and I remember them to this day - it was more than 20 years ago.

READ MORE: Could you be a Royston Poppy Appeal volunteer? "I find it so rewarding and if everyone just spent even a couple of hours a year doing something for charity, then what a difference that would make.

"It has literally been blood, sweat and tears over the years, but I always think of Alfie and Victor and it makes it all so worth it.

"I do a couple of hours for the Daffodil Appeal, have worked full-time and have a young son. I also have health problems and care for my parents and have still managed to squeeze the poppy appeal work it in, I'm not sure how?

"I now work part-time, my dad passed away in August and I wanted to leave last year, but am still guiding the team.

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"After the next few weeks that will definitely be it for me. I can then concentrate on my health and my now nine-year-old.

"I will really miss it though. My proudest achievement was the human poppy about four years ago, that got all the kids involved from the local schools. "That was stressful, but great - and it went viral.

READ MORE: Human poppy tribute launches annual appeal in Royston"I will miss doing it all and wish to say thank you very much to the community."

Volunteers have now been found to help with this year's appeal - including 15 Johnson Matthey employees.

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