Royston Photographic Society crowns latest competition winner

Elk by Bob Coote

Elk by Bob Coote - Credit: Bob Coote

Royston Photographic Society has announced the winner of their latest open competition.

Judge David Steele pronounced a photo of an elk, taken by Bob Coote at Yellowstone National Park. Bob went on a photography trip to Yellowstone a few years ago and produced a string of wildlife shots.

Nina's Studio - Peter Baker

Nina's Studio - Peter Baker - Credit: Peter Baker

The society's next photography season starts at the beginning of September, with the group expecting to return to their regular home of Icknield Walk School each Thursday at 8pm.

Although the club takes a break over the summer period, the landscape group will still continue to meet, with several days out planned for local photography.

Harvest Mouse by David Waters

Harvest Mouse by David Waters - Credit: David Waters

Members of the society will also be exhibiting in the town hall as part of the Royston Arts Festival, and there are also plans for an exhibition in Royston Museum and in Tesco.

If anyone would like to join the landscape events over the summer, contact Peter Baker on 07921 19188.

Bulb Staircase by Jitka Brynjolfssen

Bulb Staircase by Jitka Brynjolfssen - Credit: Jitka Brynjolfssen