Royston Museum re-opens after refurbishment

THE Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery have re-opened after a six week refurbishment, with 400 new items now on display.

One of the 2,000 items is a special costume used by The Crow in the 1930s to promote the newspaper.

Museum curator Carole Kaszak said: “One of the key objectives of the re-display was to enhance the visitors’ experience.

“This has been achieved after a thorough examination of the collection which enabled us to display more objects than in the past by increasing the number of cabinets and re-arranging others.”

The museum also has an extensive archive of documents and photographs which includes copies of each edition of The Crow over the past 150 years.

Other items on display for the first time include a Victorian apothecary medicine case complete with contents, and an extensive display of coins and medals from the museum’s collection.

“The additions to the displays attempt to show more of the rich heritage of Royston and the development of our community,” said Carole. “Those who have already seen the re-display say the museum has been transformed.”

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The work was carried out by museum trustees Phil Smith and Mike Lawrence, and town council museum committee members Les Baker and Councillor F John Smith under the direction of the curator and museum assistant Anstey Garrick Green.

“We would have not have been able to undertake such a huge project without the work of such volunteers. Between them they put in almost 500 hours of doing the various jobs required,” said Carole.

During the six weeks closure a new lighting system was also installed in the museum with the aid of a grant from the North Herts District Council’s Royston area committee.

The museum in Lower King Street has re-opened with the annual exhibition by members of the Royston Photographic Society which will be on display until April 9.

It is open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (10am-4.45pm) and details are on the website at