Royston MP very disappointed at outcome of Daylight Saving Bill debate

ROYSTON’S MP has been left “very disappointed” after a bill to move clocks forward an hour was scuppered.

The ill-fated Daylight Saving Bill was supported by Oliver Heald but was talked out of time by a small group of MPs in Parliament on Friday.

If approved the private members bill would have commissioned a detailed study into the costs and benefits of moving the clocks forward to Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour in the winter (GMT +1) and GMT +2 in the summer, with a possible three-year trial.

Mr Heald said he had received more than fifty letters in favour of the move and told The Crow he believed it would benefit sports clubs, after school activities and boost tourism.

He said: “I was very disappointed, basically there was a group of about five MPs who didn’t support it and they just talked it out. “I’m hoping that the government might give some extra time to look into it, as there is only a certain amount of scheduled time that private members bills get.

“It’s probably the government might be able to give some extra time and I have asked them to look into it.

“I think this bill had a lot of support over 150 were in the house trying to get it through on Friday and this is very unusual.”

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Despite Mr Heald being irritated by the outcome of the debate another move he supported was approved by the house and only needs Royal Assent.

The Live Music Bill will allow unamplified music to be played with out a license and for amplified music performed to audiences fewer than 200 people.

“I think it will help budding young musicians and the whole music scene,” he said.