Have you seen missing parrot Charlie?

Charlie belongs to Royston carpenter,  Chris Lee, who has been looking for the parrot for over a week

Charlie belongs to Royston carpenter, Chris Lee, who has been looking for the parrot for over a week. - Credit: Chris Lee

A parrot has gone missing from his Royston home - and it's believed he's still in the area.

Chris Lee has had Derbyan parrot Charlie, a small-to-medium-sized bird, for over a year. They were developing quite a bond, and he was getting more and more tame as time went on.

However, just over a week ago a window was accidentally left open and Charlie got out. There have been possible sightings and his squawk has been heard more than a week after he flew off, so it's thought he is still around the town. 

Chris told the Crow: "I'm gutted I've lost him - I want to get him back. I was supposed to be away this week with work, but I've come back to look for him. 

"We are still getting sightings of him mainly on Twigdens, and further down towards the sports centre. 

"A woman has been listening out for him, her dad used to keep parrots so she knows the sound."

Chris is a native of The Wirral, but has lived in Royston for 12 years and works as a carpenter and shop fitter. 

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The Derbyan parakeet species of parrot can live up to 30 years - it is believed Charlie is currently about three years old. 

Chris said :"It's been hot and he's alpine so he wouldn't cope well in the hot weather. He would also get bullied by other birds.

"He's quite friendly, but if someone goes to grab him he'll bite - he's scared of hands and would try to get away. You'd have to net him or throw a towel over him.

"It takes time but he was taming up with me. My nan used to have a parrot, hers went missing for three weeks and she got hers back."

If you do spot Charlie and manage to catch him, take him to Village Vet on the corner of Kneesworth Street and Queens Road so he can be reunited with Chris.