Royston in Bloom plan town tidy-up

ROYSTON town centre is getting cleaned up thanks to the Royston in Bloom committee.

Volunteers will take to the High Street and surrounding roads to give the area a tidy-up, as well as targeting the Roysia Stone and The Cross.

A date has yet to be announced for the initiative, but the news comes a week after Royston Town Council vowed to put a four-point plan in place to clean up Royston.

Les Baker, chairman of the Royston in Bloom committee, said: “There has been occasions recently when the town centre has been looking a little sorry for itself.

“We want to have a clean-up operation that complements the work carried out in cleaning the town centre every working day,” he said.

“The spreading of litter can make a place look unattractive and we want to prevent the town centre getting such a reputation. Indeed, our aim is to say we’ve cleaned up – now keep it that way.”

Mr Baker said the committee was putting together a clean-up plan, and getting advice from North Herts District Council about the project, particularly with regard to the ancient Roysia Stone.

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“We are taking advice on the kind of materials we can use to clean the stone as it is an important part of our heritage,” he said.

“Part of the role of Royston in Bloom is to enhance and sustain our environment and we see a clean-up as part of this.”

The Royston in Bloom committee has been involved in litter picks in the past when volunteers cleaned up the area around Royston Town Hall and in the Priory Memorial Gardens.

As revealed in the Crow last week, Royston Town Council is looking to improve the state of the town centre following a number of complaints from residents.

The council’s general purpose and highways committee came up with a four-point plan to tackle the problem. One suggestion was to ask shopkeepers to take responsibility for the pavement outside their store, though this move wasn’t welcomed by traders.©