5 haunted locations that will give you a Halloween fright

RAF Nuthampstead

RAF Nuthampstead is believed to be haunted by those who served there during the Second World War. - Credit: Control Towers

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to look at some haunted locations in our area where spirits still roam. Here are five spooky spots where ghosts might give you a fright. 

1. Banyers House

Banyers House

Dare you stay in room four at Banyers House? - Credit: Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons

If you want a paranormal experience, stay the night in room four if you dare. 

People who have slept in the room at the Royston hotel have reported hearing strange sounds and seeing a flat-cap-wearing soldier appearing through the wall. 

A former rectory for priests or ministers, this 17th century building is also reportedly home to the spirits of cape-wearing man, a monk and a woman wearing a bonnet, cape and a long dress. 

So if you want to see a ghost, Banyers House might just be the place. 

2. Royston Cave

Inside the Royston cave

Inside the Royston cave - Credit: Archant


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The Royston Cave is mysterious enough without throwing spirits into the mix. 

Founded by the Knights Templar, is the cave an early Freemason's Lodge, an Augustinian store house or a private chapel? No one really knows what its original use was. 

Whoever found and used it might still be there though, with numerous reports of dark, shadowy figures being seen inside the cave. 

3. RAF Bassingbourn

RAF Bassingbourn

RAF Bassingbourn is home to a strange B-17 Flying Fortress haunting. - Credit: William D "Bill" Pulliam/Wikimedia Commons

This ghost story is a little strange. 

According to local legend, in the 1960s, a B-17 Flying Fortress landed at RAF Bassingbourn, but when people entered the aircraft, no crew was found on board. 

Copies of radio communications, which stated the aircraft had been damaged and the crew seriously injured were found inside, but the bomber was in near-perfect condition. 

It is now believed that the lost crew haunt the airfield, while some have reported seeing a ghostly B-17 flying silently overhead. 

4. Moco Cottages and Farm

Moco Cottages and Farm

The fields where Moco Cottages and Farm once stood. - Credit: Google Maps


Murders, missing investigators and paranormal activity are all part of this terrifying tale. 

The story started back in 1901 when a newspaper reported ghostly goings on at the Moco Cottages and Farm in Steeple Morden. 

The report claimed a packman who used to visit the village to sell his goods slept at the cottages in early 1734, but was never seen leaving, with some believing his body was thrown into the farmyard well. 

A maid who worked at Moco, named Elizabeth Pateman, was overheard telling her lover she had a secret to reveal next time he came to visit – which some think was about the packman’s murder – but she never got the chance to tell all. 

The 19-year-old was brutally murdered at the farm, and her spirit stayed there. 

The 1901 owner claimed to hear disembodied moaning of someone in pain, as well as the rustling of a dress, thuds and even gunshots coming from inside the cottages. 

Two investigators came from London to find out what was going on, but strangely, they quickly left without ever revealing what they had discovered. 

Moco Cottages and Farm no longer stand, but could Elizabeth Pateman’s ghost still roam the fields of Steeple Morden? 

5. RAF Nuthampstead

RAF Nuthampstead

There are plenty of spirits still roaming RAF Nuthampstead. - Credit: Control Towers


Could a famous spirit still haunt RAF Nuthampstead? 

Opening in 1943, the airfield was home to the 55th Fighter Group and 398th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Force during the Second World War. 

Renowned big band leader Glenn Miller performed for American servicemen in Hangar B at Nuthampstead, but he lost his life when his flight from Bedford to Paris disappeared over the English Channel in late 1944. 

There have been reports of swing music coming from the very hangar that Miller performed in, only for it to be empty. 

People have also felt a strange presence in the morgue, heard talking and laughter coming from the squadron huts and seen apparitions in full flying gear roaming the site. 

If you want paranormal activity, RAF Nuthampstead seems to have it.