Royston crafters unite for creative business project with a little inspiration from David Bowie

Laura Whitford and Ian Walls

Laura Whitford and Ian Walls - Credit: Archant

The death of David Bowie two weeks ago rocked a global community of music lovers – and for craft shop owner Laura Whitford and photographer Ian Walls, the passing of the legendary Starman singer inspired a creative business project.

The prints will be on sale at No.3

The prints will be on sale at No.3 - Credit: Archant

Laura said: “I’d been thinking a lot about it. Bowie was one of those people that I really admired, but never had the time to listen to.

“I want to sit down and listen to all of his albums back to back.”

Borne out of their shared love of music and photography, the friends – who performed at a 60s gig together last summer – created a line of framed photos with inspirational lyrics called Beyond The Dreams.

Laura, who owns craft shop No. 3 in Melbourn Street, said: “There are a lot of spiritual quotes about, but I love my music.

Laura Whitford and Ian Walls jamming in the No.3 shop during the make-over.

Laura Whitford and Ian Walls jamming in the No.3 shop during the make-over. - Credit: Archant

“There are a lot of pictures with sayings on, but not with music quotes. Ian and I both used to perform. I sang for 13 years – I used to sing with another girl and we called ourselves ‘Sweet Libra.’

“I was singing everything, from Chas & Dave to the Carpenters. My favourite places were down and dirty pubs. Ian has also been in loads of bands.”

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The duo think of their favourite quotes, then pick out images taken by Ian that match.

People can also choose their own lyrics, so they can have bestoke pictures made too.

Laura added: “Ian’s quotes are a bit cooler than mine.”

For Ian, the collaborative effort of the crafty pair is a sign of exciting things to come in the Royston arts scene.

He said: “No. 3 has become such a great asset to the crafters of Royston.

“It’s given us somewhere to show off our products and as Beyond the Dreams demonstrates, it’s bringing people together that wouldn’t otherwise have had a chance to combine their talents.

“We may be the first partnership to emerge from Royston’s burgeoning craft scene but I doubt we’ll be the last.”