Royston craft fair organiser rejoices at sign success

Laura Whitford with her new hand-made banner.

Laura Whitford with her new hand-made banner. - Credit: Archant

The organiser of Royston Craft Fair says she is ‘over the moon’ that’s she’s allowed to hang up a handmade sign outside the town hall to advertise the event, after she was banned from putting up a monthly printed sign following complaints from members of the public.

Laura Whitford, who owns craft shop No.3 Royston in Melbourn Street, is hoping the sign will help drum up trade for the monthly event held in the town hall, after being told she could only put up a printed sign every three months.

She said: “I’m over the moon that I can have my handmade sign on the front of the town hall, to entice people into Royston and help boost business for the town.

“Following the success of our fair here, I’m looking for a second location so that other towns can enjoy the stunning hand made crafts. If anyone has any suggestions about where it may work, please contact me by email at”