Royston cleaner plans to shave off hair in support of admirable uncle with terminal cancer

Joanna Daniels is shaving her hair off for cancer charity

Joanna Daniels is shaving her hair off for cancer charity - Credit: Archant

A self-employed cleaner from Orwell is getting set to shave her hair off in support of a brave uncle who has terminal cancer.

Joanna Daniels, who grew up in Royston, said she wanted to do something ‘out there’ to pledge support for the many people close to her who have suffered from the disease.

The 41-year-old said: “Whether it be friend, family, children or adults, we know a lot of people that have had it.

“My uncle Rob Hebditch from Barley – who suffered from bowel cancer which has since spread through the body – has been a bit of an inspiration in the way he has dealt with it.

“Rather than doing it in memory of someone, I thought I would do it for someone who is alive, to show my support and to do something positive for him, and to show him how much he is admired.

“It’s hard to talk to him about it in a serious way, he’s very jokey.

“When I was planning the headshave, I just thought to myself, ‘you need to do something out there, to raise a bit of money for Cancer Research UK’.

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“I’ve done Race For Life before and other fundraisers. The thought of it doesn’t really bother me at the moment, but may do after I’ve had it cut off!”

Joanna’s brother Gareth Hillier spoke of his pride for his sister for her brave gesture. He said: “Cancer, sadly, affects everybody. It is cruel and indiscriminate.

“My sister’s gesture to shave her head to raise money is a selfless act and I’m immensely proud her.

“I hope that she can raise lots of money to support the wonderful work done by Cancer Research UK for thousands of people everyday.”

Joanna will have her hair cut off at Henrick’s in Angel Pavement on Thursday, February 4.

If you would like to help Joanna visit her fundraising page here.