Royston begins Olympic plans

ROYSTON Volunteer Centre launched their London 2012 volunteer application process last week (Wednesday) by giving people the chance to become an Olympics ‘Games Maker.’

Heather Graham from the Volunteer Centre and Royton Mayor Cllr Martin Beaver were on hand at Royston Library to give out advice to volunteers, who could potentially be given the once in a lifetime opportunity of playing a part in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Mrs Graham said: “This is the start of Royston’s involvement in the Olympics. We are taking Games Maker volunteers here today, but anyone who didn’t make it down can still volunteer at our centre upstairs at Royston Hospital.

“Some people might be thinking, ‘the Olympics is two years away, I can’t do anything now,’ but there is going to be over 400 opportunities in Royston come 2012.

“Games Maker volunteers will be the faces of London 2012, and give people the chance to show what the UK is all about – excellence, passion and positivity.”

The launch was the first of its type in the county, and is part of Hertfordshire is Ready for Winners, which supports potential Olympian athletes the region.

Cllr Beaver said: “This is a very small part of what is going to go on in Royston for the Olympics.

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“Royston is very proud to have the first volunteer launch in the county, and we know it’s the start of something special.

“The Arts Festival is already interested in Olympic based events for future years, as are the organisers of Royston in Bloom.”

If you would like more information on how to volunteer, then visit for more information.