Royalist: “I don’t regret camping out for four nights”

TERRY Hutt may have had to camp outside Westminster Abbey for four nights to get the best view of the Royal Wedding, but he doesn’t regret a moment of it.

The lifelong royalist went up to London from his Whaddon home on Tuesday afternoon, and braved the cold and uncomfortable conditions to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

“It was worth every second,” said Mr Hutt. “I was knackered and didn’t get too much sleep because it was absolutely freezing, but there was a wonderful atmosphere and the wedding was really lovely.”

Mr Hutt, who lost his camera while he was in London, camped with royalists from Washington, South Africa and Australia, but spent most of his time giving interviews to the world’s press.

“I got a bit fed up with the press coverage in the end,” he said. “At one point they came into my tent when I was asleep and clicked their camera. I spoke through interpreters quite a lot as there was lots of foreign press there, so it all kept me busy.”

As for the wedding itself, the 76-year-old campaigner was delighted with how it went off.

“They are two lovely young people in love and they are going to make a terrific couple,” he said. “I hope they have a long and successful time together.”