Romantic reptile leaves keeper with Valentine’s love bite

A ROMANTIC reptile has given a keeper a Valentines Day to remember after leaving him with a heart shaped love bite.

The mark on Shepreth Wildlife Park worker Dean Ward’s face came from female iguana, Fluffy.

He said: “I’m single at the moment and with Valentine’s coming up that’s probably the only contact I will get.

“My mates are all ribbing me about it saying who it looks like a heart but there’s no girlfriend - so I don’t have to explain it to her.”

It was being held at the time for hormone level tests and latched onto his face for around 10 seconds after he leaned in a little too close to her.

Describing the bite as “slightly painful” the 36-year-old had to be checked up in hospital but has been given the all clear, but is banned from shaving while it heals.

Despite the mark and the ribbing from his mates Dean is not holding a grudge against Fluffy.

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“There’s no hard feelings, I love her and went to see her today,” he said.

“With this sort of work you have to take the bites and bruises with a pinch of salt - it’s certainly not the first and it wont be the last.”