Road safety campaigner pleased to see cameras monitoring traffic on A505 Between Baldock and Royston

Cameras have been placed at junctions on the A505 between Baldock and Royston.

Cameras have been placed at junctions on the A505 between Baldock and Royston. - Credit: Archant

A road safety campaigner said she is pleased that action is being taken after seeing cameras go up on the A505 between Baldock and Royston.

Greig and Lynsey Langdon.

Greig and Lynsey Langdon. - Credit: Archant

Lynsey Langdon’s policeman husband Greig was in a car crash on the road in July last year, and suffered spinal injuries.

After tireless campaigning, Lynsey – who is from Royston – drove on the road last weekend and saw the new CCTV cameras set up at junctions.

“I’m pleased that something is happening,” said Lynsey.

“It’s been six months of not being heard. One person can’t move a mountain but when you get people together we can – it just shows what can be achieved.”

After her husband’s crash, mum-of-three Lynsey started her campaign for safety measures to be imposed on the stretch where there are several cut-through junctions to get to surrounding villages – and these are where many of the accidents on the 70mph road happen.

She said: “I many know people who won’t use the cut-through junctons. It’s such an important issue, and lots of people are still joining the Facebook page – we’re nearly up to 2,000.”

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Three weeks ago Greig returned to work for four hours-a-day on light duties, but Lynsey says the impact the crash has had means she’ll never give up the fight to make the A505 safer.

“As a family we have to move on with constantly thinking about what happened, we can’t live life like that,” she said.

“Greig has to use the road now to get to work, and I will not stop until changes are made.

“I want all the cut through junctions to be closed, but if they can’t be closed it must be made safer.”

Search ‘Make the A505 Safer’ on Facebook for the campaign.

Royston county councillor Tony Hunter told the Crow: “The cameras are part of a year-long feasibility study ordered by Herts County Council and are monitoring the traffic.

“Vegetation has been cut back and signs replaced, and work involving white lining is to take place at Odsey this financial year.” He also said that one of the ideas for improvements after the study may be to put in a roundabout at Slip End.

The cameras in question were removed this week.