Resurfacing work prompts concerns about quality of job on Royston roads

Cllr Fiona Hill

Cllr Fiona Hill - Credit: Archant

People in Royston have been left angered by the quality of road resurfacing in the town.

The Crow has been contacted by two people, one complaining about the quality of resurfacing in The Green, and another about the work carried out in Martingale Road.

Hywel Barrett said the state of The Green made him laugh out loud. He said: “It beggars belief that someone could carry out such a bad job. The Green only serves a handful of homes and wasn’t in a bad state to begin with so it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money. It’s been done so shoddily that the council will probably have to spend more on properly completing the job.

“Where the contractors have put tarmac on the road, they’ve also covered and half covered drains and manhole covers which will cause issues.

“As they’ve simply covered the old road surface, and not replaced the tarmac, the drains, which have been left uncovered, are now two inches below the road level, which will damage vehicles.”

Martyn Sansom has been left disappointed by the quality of surfacing in Martingale Road.

He said: “People in Newmarket Road and Suffolk Road have been unable to access their garages for almost a week while resurfacing Martingale Road has been carried out. It’s now finished and it’s disgusting.

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“Deep depressions are formed just by driving over the surface which is already breaking up after just one day.”

Councillor Fiona Hill , who represents the town at County Hall, confirmed she has received complaints on this issue.

A spokesman for the council said: “We have worked with our contractor to ensure the micro-surfacing is completed. An engineer visited Royston yesterday and has confirmed that the work is satisfactory.

“As with any micro-surfacing, after the works are completed there will be loose stones on the surface for a number of weeks as some stones naturally loosen from the surface of the new material.

“This is normal, although it can look unsightly for a while. We ask for residents to be patient and assure them that once the surface has bedded in, the new micro asphalt surface will look like any other carriageway.

“Once the surface has settled, we will return to sweep up remaining loose stones and reinstate the existing road markings and ironworks.”