Residents unhappy with far-right meeting in Royston

CONCERNED people have expressed their disproval after a far-right political group held a meeting in a Royston pub.

Between 20 and 30 members of the British Movement, a group that believes in banning immigration, met at The North Star pub in Old North Road on Saturday (9) night.

The meeting, which passed without serious incident, was not held with the approval of pub landlord Dave Thake, who said: “One of the regulars booked the room downstairs for a meeting and I didn’t ask what it was for.

“If I would have known who they were there is no way I would have let them in. I do not want to be associated with them.

“I am shocked they held a meeting like that here. There is no way I will allow them to come back. “

A Royston resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Myself and others that I know are disgusted that a group like this were allowed to meet in this town.

“Pubs like this are the hub of a community and are there for all. We do not need this in the area.”

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The same person also claims that leaflets and stickers were being passed around in the pub, while some were wearing shirts with the British Movement logo on.

Another pub regular described the meeting as “disgraceful,” and said he would not be attending the pub again.

Stickers have been found on lampposts and road signs in Old North Road, Kneesworth Street and in the town centre since the meeting.

They feature slogans saying “stop immigration, start repatriation,” “we will have our country back” and “British Movement for race and nation.”

Police attended the pub as part of routine patrols and investigated the meeting. They confirmed that no offences were committed.

Royston Town Mayor Cllr Martin Beaver said: “We are aware the meeting took place but we have no comment to make.”