Residents’ rage over parking

RESIDENTS of an area of Therfield are “raging” and “feel discriminated against” after North Hertfordshire Homes (NHH) ignored their objections to new parking plans in their road.

The roads of Haywood Lane and Hay Green in the village had asbestos infected garages removed in April which meant good access to driveways was created, while there was also ample room for parking in the spaces vacated by the garages.

Since then however, parking bay lines have been painted where the garages once stood, meaning residents are not allowed to drive over them and onto their driveways, and plans for a fence to be erected around the bays have angered residents further.

Sophie Roberts, of Haywood Lane, said: “North Hertfordshire Homes came and put in white lines in when they were not needed as we all already had space to park. They are wasting money on things that are not needed.

“I received a letter on July 27 from North Herts Homes saying they are putting a fence up round the spaces, which means space will be too tight to get out the car with shopping and kids.

“We are so annoyed because we have waited a long time to get access to our garden, and when the garages went it was great.

“I’ve asked them if they can do something about it like removing the lines so we can cross them but of course they won’t.”

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Maria Pollock, of Hay Green, said: “We are raging about this. We have all got paths coming out of our property but we won’t be able park on our driveways or walk down the pathways because of this fence.”

Mrs Roberts also claims that a representative of NHH threatened to evict her husband if he continued to park where the fence is to be erected.

She also said that the same person said residents get in and out of their car “at their own risk,” when she notified them of the poor cement work they carried out in removing the garages, and feels that affected residents are being unfairly treated.

“I feel like we are being discriminated against. Why should other houses further down our road be allowed to park on their driveways but we should not,” she said.

A NHH statement said: “The garage compound area does not form part of the rental agreement for the Haywood Lane or Hay Green properties. It has been surfaced and parking lines marked out to provide temporary parking spaces for all residents to use.

“The fencing will not block in residents who have authorised driveways. We are aware some residents believe they are entitled to park at the end of their gardens and we are presently discussing with them why this is not possible.”

On Sunday (8), Hertfordshire North East MP Oliver Heald, and Therfield parish councillors Jeremy Rule, Robert Low and Howard Marshall attended the problem area, while Cllr Rule has met with NHH officials to discuss it.