Residents’ anger over lack of pothole repairs

Problematic potholes in Therfield

Problematic potholes in Therfield - Credit: Archant

AN ANGRY resident says potholes near his home still haven’t been repaired two months after he and his neighbours first reported the problem to highways officials.

Mike Inns has made several attempts to report the potholes, in Rook’s Nest Lane, Therfield, using Hertfordshire County Council’s website.

Despite receiving several emails stating that the problems had been repaired, the large holes in the road surface remain.

Mr Inns said: “The potholes have been reported to the council by various people. I personally have reported this on HCC’s online fault service on two occasions.

“I’m told that the pothole will be repaired in 24 hours – then a week later I get an email saying the fault has been repaired. It clearly hasn’t.”

Mr Inns added that the potholes had caused an accident which saw a motorist have one of the tyres on her car “shredded off the wheel”.

He said: “The council claim to repair the potholes in 24 hours but appear to be making false claims of repairs after a week.

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“If road users are to be taxed so heavily with fuel duty and road tax the least the councils could do is to make the roads safe for the people who use them.”

Repairing potholes is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council’s highways contractor, Ringway.

Matthew Kelley, Ringway’s divisional manager, said the firm had been liaising with Therfield Parish Council in a bid to resolve the problem.

He said: “I would like to reassure residents that we are aware of the drainage issues and resulting damage to the road on Rook’s Nest Lane and indeed, recently met with the parish council to discuss the best way forward.

“I can confirm that we are in the process of arranging for further works to be carried out there.”

Potholes and other road faults can be reported by logging onto the Hertfordshire County Council website,