Red Nose Day fun in Royston’s Schools

RED Nose Day meant a wide range of fund-raising fun in Royston’s Schools.

The most competitive activity came at Roysia School, where the teachers took on the year eight children at dodgeball.

Jimi Smith, Alfie Noades, Robbie Norman, Thauan Costa, Mackenzie Harris, Tilly Reader, Sophie Isles and Bonnie Townsend were supported by the rest of the school.

They ended up going down by four games to three against the teachers, who included Mr Hardiman, Mr Paxton, Mr Judge, Mr Ecclestone, Mrs Brown, Mrs Underwood, Mrs Morley and Mrs Jacques.

Head teacher Zoe Linington said: “The audience paid 20p a seat to watch the dodgeball , which was fiercely contested.

“It was a three-games-each draw, and the year eights challenged the staff to one last decider. They wished they hadn’t in the end though, as the teachers gained a narrow victory.

“Fund raising is crucial but raising awareness is also very important so some lessons this week have focussed on the plight deprived peoples around the world.

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“It is a testament to our lovely children that they can be so sensitive and caring to people they will never meet and who live so far away.”

Other activities at Roysia included a How Many Smarties in the Jar competition, a ping-pong competition, Spot the Treasure, Design a New Nose and Pin the Nose on the Face competition.

Icknield Walk First School held a talent show on Friday, with year four girls’ rendition of Walking on Sunshine, year one girls’ dance to Taio Cruz’ Dynamite, and a cheerleaders’ dance to Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow amongst highlights.

The children all paid �1 to wear non-uniform.

Head teacher Jane Sherwood said: “It was great to see the talent we have on offer in this school.

“Children entertained with songs, dancing, gymnastics and by telling jokes, and we all had a great time.”

Pupils at Studlands Rise First School were sponsored to try and move Malteasers without using their body.

The experiment included entrants using skateboards, balloons and string, but the catapult method came out on top.

Head teacher Janet Saunders said: “We had a fun-packed week, ending in our Malteaser challenge.

“Around �400 was raised and the children had a lot of fun.”

Over at Tannery Drift, the children dressed up in a variety of costumes, with ladybirds, pirates and princesses all given a red twist.

Head teacher Rouane Mendel said: “Teachers had set up fun activities in every class and everyone had a fabulous time.

“In between all the fun though, we remembered those suffering from poverty in the world. Everyone gave generously and donations rose to over �350.00 for them.”

‘We are all very proud of our children.”

More pictures will be printed in Thursday’s Crow.