New recycling bins to create a greener town centre

Cllr Ruth Brown with one of the new Royston recycling bins

Cllr Ruth Brown with one of the new recycling bins in Royston town centre - Credit: NHDC

Nine new recycling bins have been installed in Royston town centre as part of ongoing efforts to promote recycling and reduce litter.

Each new bin has two different compartments - one for easily recyclable waste such as drink cans, plastic bottles and newspapers, and one for general litter such as crisp packets, sweet wrappers or food.

New recycling and litter bin in Royston town centre

New dual recycling and litter bins have been installed in Royston town centre - Credit: NHDC

Councillor Ruth Brown, who represents Royston Heath ward at North Herts District Council, led the project to install the bins after taking over the Royston Town Centre Working Party in 2018.

She said: "They had previously already discussed proposals for dual recycling bins.

"There are a lot of drink cans and bottles around with people buying takeaways in town.

"I know the Conservators of Therfield Heath have had a problem with the bins. There's more litter in the bins in the town centre because people are around more as they're working from home, so might go out and get a drink and take it away."

According to Cllr Brown, there has been an increase in dog excrement, which the new bins do not deal with, and people have also been throwing away disposable masks which cannot be recycled.

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The bins were delayed due to manufacturing issues during the first lockdown.

Cllr Brown added: "I would have loved it sooner but it's come at a good time.

"I felt it was something that I wanted to pursue because I do believe in making the town sustainable"

Cllr Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg, NHDC's executive member for recycling and waste management, said: "We are incredibly pleased that these bins have been installed.

"Recycling reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill - which benefits the environment and saves council taxpayers money. 

"I am sure that these new recycling bins will be well used by the local community when the town fully reopens again, and urge that people currently only go out for essential trips only."

In July last year North Herts District Council introduced a campaign to discourage littering in parks, with the slogan 'don't be a tosser'.

The Mayor of Royston Cllr Rob Inwood also accompanied The Friends of Therfield Heath and Greens on a litter pick in November.