Record number of items mended at Royston Repair Cafe

Royston Repair Cafe

Royston Repair Cafe - Credit: Archant

Five volunteers excelled at the Royston Repair Cafe on Sunday setting a new record for the number of items mended on the day.

In total 16 of the 25 broken items brought in for assessment were fixed – bettering the three previous events held in the town.

The aim of the free session is to keep items out of landfill and save money for their owners.

Household appliances came top of the list of successes including a flatscreen TV, toaster, DVD player, and two vacuum cleaners which were all brought back to life.

It was also two out of two for cycle repairer Mark Hayward at his first repair cafe, who also fixed a garden strimmer and managed to fit in a puncture repair demonstration.

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Speaking about his involvement in the event, Mark said: “In an increasingly ‘throw away’ world, it’s encouraging that some people still take the trouble and time to check if something can be repaired.”

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