Record-breaking twins pass through Crow country

A SET of record-breaking twins passed through Crow country last week on their way to raising money for a charity close to their hearts.

Hazel Green and Christine Dafter are walking the length of the Meridian Line – 300 miles – in aid of the Chronic Disease Foundation, which uses identical twins in their research.

The pair started their walk in Peacehaven, Sussex, on May 1, and stopped off in Meldreth on Friday before continuing on to their final destination just north of Grimsby.

According to officials at the Guinness Book of Records, the are the first people ever to attempt the walk.

Christine said: “We wanted to do a walk to raise money, but were having trouble coming up with one that no one else had done.

“I thought of doing coast to coast and a few other things, and assumed that people have done the Meridian Line before.

“I thought I’d ring Guinness to check though, and it turns out no one has. Hazel liked the idea too, so we started planning our route.”

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In the Crow country leg of their walk they stayed with Christine Cartwright, a friend of theirs from Barkway.

Cambridge county councillor Susan van de Ven, the mother of twins herself, and chair of Meldreth Parish Council S J Hawkins were there to greet them at the Meridian Line marker.

You can donate to their cause by visiting They are hoping to raise around �10,000.