Rave prompts council to block gate to picnic spot

AN illegal rave that kept villagers awake all night has prompted a council to permanently block the main entrance to a public nature area.

The dance party on Haslingfield Hill in Barrington kicked off shortly after midnight on Sunday November 5 with around 50 revellers. Police monitored the situation but made no moves to shut it down until around 10am.

Clerk to the parish council, Margaret Goding said Cambs Police advised councillors that the location of the communal land – a former quarry and county council refuse pit, now owned by the parish council - would be put up on a rave website and further parties were possible.

In response, the council hired a cement company to install a large block to bar a gate which provides vehicular access to the area. Pedestrian and disabled access is still possible through a ‘kissing gate’, Mrs Goding said.

Council chairman Tony Fletcher said the land, normally used for picnics, had never been open to vehicles and hoped the barrier would prevent any more raves.

“The rave that took place disturbed the whole village. It was powered by a van loaded with sound equipment. The gates are normally locked, until they stole the locks. The block is only to stop vehicles. It is still available for pedestrians.”