Rare birds have Christmas in Royston

A FLOCK of rare birds enjoyed Christmas in Royston when they stopped of during their winter migration.

Around 60 Bohemian waxwings were spotted in trees on Melbourn Road by local bird-watcher Tim Wilson, where they had settled after making their way over from mainland Europe.

They stayed for a few days, and then flew off on Boxing Day.

Mr Wilson alerted fellow bird-watcher and wildlife photographer David Hatton, who took these snaps for The Crow.

Mr Hatton said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the flock, having never seen this species before in the Royston area.”

The birds breed in the sub-zero forests of Finland and Asia, but each winter they migrate into mainland Europe to escape their frozen homelands.

They can sometimes be seen in flocks comprising hundreds on the British east coast, and are known for travelling in nomadic groups with a strong, direct flight.