Rabbit rescue centre’s plea after litter born

A RABBIT rescue centre is appealing to residents to make sure their pets are properly neutered after a litter of 11 was handed in.

Caroline Collings, who runs the Rabbit Residence Rescue Centre in Great Chishill, said: “A lady had two female rabbits and she bought another rabbit which she was told was also female.

“She put them together and then thought they were fighting – then she realised it wasn’t fighting – and both female rabbits gave birth.

“One gave birth to five and the other six, and we have got the babies – all 11 of them.”

The rabbits are now being cared for and will be neutered and vaccinated at a cost of �80 each.

Miss Collings urges rabbit owners to ensure their pets are treated by professionals to prevent this happening, and anyone who wants to give the young bunnies a home should contact her on runaboutruns@live.co.uk or 07904 397378.