‘Push for action’ over Royston road safety measures

A car ended up on its roof on Barkway Road after a crash earlier this month.

A car ended up on its roof on Barkway Road after a crash earlier this month. - Credit: Archant

A county councillor has reassured people living in a Royston street who have seen two crashes within a year on their road that the authorities are ‘pushing for action’.

Several people who live in Barkway Road have joined together to try to persuade the authorities to install speed safety measures along the street.

The most recent incident three weeks ago left a red hatchback on its roof, damaging two parked cars in the process and leaving the male driver with minor head injuries.

Royston county councillor Fiona Hill says she has spoken to police about carrying out speed checks on the road.

“It’s been an ongoing issue for a considerable period of time, certainly more than two years,” she said. “There have been surveys and checks in the past and a lot people have been going at high speeds but the average wasn’t high enough to be eligible.

“But now there has been a change in how this is assessed I have asked for a review and more speed checks.

“The issue has been raised at my councillor’s surgery many times and we will continue to push for action.”

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Robin Coakley, who lives on Barkway Road, said: “Councillor Hill has spoken to us, and has been helpful.

“Police have installed a device on our road to measure average speed checks, so we will wait to see the results of that.

“But I’m not sure how much an average speed check can do because people driving at an average speed aren’t the ones causing an accident.

“Since the article in the Crow last week we have had some feedback from people on our street.

“You get a few who say that we chose to live here, but the majority of our neighbours have been fighting a similar battle to get some safety measures put in, but haven’t got anywhere.

“Hopefully we will see some progress soon. It’s not so much the accidents that damage the cars, as they are replaceable.

“It’s the ones where a car ends up on its roof, as we have seen within the last month.”

A spokesman for Herts police reiterated the message that anyone with concerns about speeding on the road should contact the Royston Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.