Pupils realise their grade expectations

GRADE As swept the board as students collected their A-level results from Freman College in Buntingford on Thursday. Some 98 per cent of students passed exams with 48 per cent gaining an A and B. Head teacher Helen Loughran said: I am proud of the studen

GRADE As swept the board as students collected their A-level results from Freman College in Buntingford on Thursday.

Some 98 per cent of students passed exams with 48 per cent gaining an A and B.

Head teacher Helen Loughran said: "I am proud of the students' achievements. They worked tremendously hard, as did their teachers to achieve these results.

"They are an extremely talented group of students, including many gifted musicians, actors, and sports people.

I think it is remarkable how they have combined academic excellence with outstanding performance in so many areas."

Ten students, including Suzanne Little, Nick Brown, Hannah Pearce, Tom Gibbs, and Emma Stokes, gained straight As in four subjects, which Mrs Loughran said was a "remarkable number".

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Suzanne Little, who studied English, maths, geography, and general studies, is going to Nottingham University to read geography.

"It's excellent that I have got these results. I was hoping for these grades, but wasn't expecting them," she said.

Tom Gibbs, who enjoys writing, is going to Leicester University to study English, after gaining straight As in English, geography, history, and general studies.

He said: "The exams were harder than anything I have done before. I'm pleased that the hard work has paid off."

David Mills achieved 2As and 2Bs in maths, ICT, physics and general studies.

"I was confident I was going to get these grades, but physics and maths was a lot harder compared to AS levels," he said

David will be going to Hertfordshire University next month to study automotive engineering and motor sport in order to enter the field of motor racing.

Amy Riddett gained 2As and will be going to Ware College to study art foundation.

She said: "I found the exams easier this year because I gained an extra year of knowledge."

Other students who were proud of their results included, Lauren Lawton, who is joining Essex police, Neil Burch, who is a sales executive at Peugeot, Andrew Milne, who hopes to go to Canterbury University to study music, and Claire Warren, who will be reading French and Italian at Reading University.

Mrs Loughran said: "The exam results were much in line with last year's.

"They certainly aren't getting easier. What's happening is we're getting more confident about how we teach and deliver the course."

STUDENTS finally got their examination results on Thursday and put an end to a long summer of waiting.

For some results determined whether they got into the university of their choice - while for others it meant a sigh of relief.

More than 70 students from The Meridian School in Royston collected their results in what was another successful year for the school.

David Atkins, head of sixth form, said: "This has been a great year for A-levels and the school has again maintained the good standard of previous years.

"The majority of students got what they were predicted and there were not any real shocks. They have all worked extremely hard and deserve their grades."

This year the school has also seen a considerable rise in students furthering their education at university with 50 of the 77 A-level students packing their bags for pastures new.

Rose Wainwright, who wants to become a doctor, is off to Lancaster University to study medicine, after getting three As and one B.

She said: "I'm so happy with my results and to be honest I really wasn't expecting this. It's been hard work and now I'm just looking forward to going off to university."

Hannah Laker, who will also be studying medicine, got two As and two Bs. She said: "I can't wait to go to Manchester University in September. I was quite nervous opening the results, but it was all worth going through."

One student managed to get four As and a place at his chosen university, Sheffield. An excited Graham White said: "I thought I would do alright, but not this well. I'm really pleased and the hard work has paid off."

Graham's mum Alison said: " I was just as nervous as Graham was. He's now got what he needed to get into his first choice university and I'm very proud."

Olly Rees, who will become an outdoor pursuits instructor, got one D and two Es. He said: "I've passed so I'm definitely happy with my results. I'm taking some time out from education, but I hope to go to university at some point and become a teacher."

It was also good news for AS Level students.

Joy Skinner and Trudy Stamford, who have both spent time on work experience at The Crow, did particularly well, and both said they hoped to continue their success into the new term.

Joy, who got two As and a B, said: "I'm over the moon, particularly with my maths result. Hopefully next year I can do just as well."

Mr Atkins said: "All round we've had fantastic results in both A-level and AS level. It's been a nervous day for all involved, because the staff feel it too. But overall the students have done very well.

"The older students are a lovely group and they have been a pleasure to teach.