Police sergeant hails Royston’s low crime levels

A POLICE officer based in Royston has praised the town for its low levels of crime and pledged to help the town become even safer.

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Jon Vine revealed several positive statistics about criminal activity in the Royston and Royston Rural areas at the annual town meeting on Thursday.

“The total reduction in crime for the whole of the Royston area over the past year was 14.2 per cent, which is one of the biggest reductions in the country,” he said.

“Over the past four years there has been a hugely impressive decrease of 31.1 per cent, which is testament to the safety of the town and to its people.

“I’m very proud of the low levels of crime in Royston. I’ve been here as a Pc and a sergeant and I have always enjoyed working in the environment.

“It’s a wonderful town and it really is a safe place to live, and I’m going to do my damndest to make it safer.”

Royston’s achievements are especially impressive, considering the size of the policed area and its population, said Sgt Vine.

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“When you look at the population, the size of the area – around 140 square miles, and then take into account the level of crime, the low levels here are a superb feat,” he said.

“We have performed exceptionally well over the past few years and Royston is a far safer place.

“It always has been, but this has improved even more so over the past three or four years.”

Sgt Vine reflected on some of the major initiatives the police are to carry out in the forthcoming year, and said that despite two major drug-related incidents in the town recently, there was not a problem with narcotics.

“Operation Artemis, which reduces crime throughout the night-time by patrolling the town, will continue after its success this year,” he said.

“We are also planning a volunteer SpeedWatch scheme, the same as the one recently piloted in Barkway, which will reduce speeding in the town.

“DogWatch, which will encourage dog walkers to come forward and report any suspicious activity they may see in the town, will also be launched.

“We will continue to target drug offenders as we did last year, when we uncovered two big operations throughout the town.

“I must stress though, this doesn’t mean there is a problem with drugs in Royston.

“There is, however, a link to crime with drugs, so that’s why we are keen to target offenders.

“Targeting drug dealers and offenders has a knock-on effect by reducing crime accordingly.”

Royston’s reduction in crime

Criminal damage – down 16.8 per cent

Violent crime – down 17.9 per cent

Motor vehicle crime – down 35.7 per cent

Burglary dwelling – unchanged

Drug possession – up 48.3 per cent in line with targeting of drug offenders

Total crime for Royston and Royston Rural for past year – down 14.2 per cent

Total crime for Royston and Royston Rural for past four years – down 31.1 per cent