Police issue snowball warning

POLICE in Hertfordshire have issued a warning after 11 complaints of throwing snowballs at cars and homes were reported at the weekend.

Incidents in Burns Road, Swift Close, Haywoods Lane, Priory Lane and Melbourn Street were reported, with snowballs with stones in, as well as eggs thrown.

Police also attended an incident in Melbourn Street, where young people had formed a giant snowball in the road that was causing disruptions.

North Hertfordshire Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Jason Thorne said: “Now that school and college have finished, children and young people can take the opportunity to have fun in the snow. We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, however, I would like to remind everyone to be considerate and avoid throwing snowballs at people and property, particularly snowballs with stones inside them which could cause damage and injury.

“Any activity that causes alarm or distress to other people is a form anti-social behaviour which may result in police action. Damage to property or injury caused as a result of throwing snowballs is an offence and anyone caught causing damage in this manner will be dealt with robustly.”

The most common reason for complaints last week was for a group of young people throwing snowballs at cars at the roundabout where Priory Gardens meets Melbourn Street.

No damage was caused and no prosecutions were made over the weekend.

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Insp Thorne added: “Anyone with concerns about this form of behaviour in their local area can contact their local Safer Neighbourhood Team by calling the non-emergency number 0845 33 00 222.”