Parking problems plague Fish Hill

MISSING double yellow lines in Fish Hill Square have created a parking free for all with Royston’s mayor inundated with complaints.

Intial work on the �400,000 revamp of the civic space has been finished. However, the lack of road markings has made the area a haven for those wishing to avoid parking fees in the the town.

Mayor and district councillor Robert Inwood says that angry townsfolk have made their views known to him and something must be done.

He said: “The council has spent a lot of money on it and I just can’t understand why the road markings haven’t been finished.

“If there is free parking here it would be nice for them to offer it all over Royston – we have been asking for that for ages.

“There’s no double yellow lines there and I have had so many complaints from people, and there’s all the parking problems near the station – I find it disgusting.”

North Herts District Council is overseeing the project and claims the problem will be resolved when the authority gets the all-clear from the Department for Transport.

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Cllr Tom Brindley, NHDC’s portfolio holder for planning, transport and enterprise, said: “We’ve received no objections to the traffic regulation order for Fish Hill Square and the new parking arrangements will come into effect soon.

“We are waiting for approval from the Department for Transport on the signs that will inform people of the new regulations, and a pay and display machine should be installed in the next two-to-three weeks for the marked bays.

“The current parking issues should be resolved by mid-November when we plan to officially open the square and we apologise to anyone who is inconvenienced in the interim.”