Parents speak out after several near misses on Royston school road

Parents have spoken out about 'dangerous' school road Garden Walk after several near misses outside

Parents have spoken out about 'dangerous' school road Garden Walk after several near misses outside Greneway and Meridian Schools in Royston. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Concerns for children’s safety at peak school times have been raised by Royston parents after a number of near misses.

Garden Walk - which serves both Greneway middle and Meridian schools - has been subject to traffic problems, which has had parents questioning whether it is safe for their children to walk to school.

Polly Frearson, whose son attends Greneway, told the Crow of the multiple times she has witnessed members of the public driving dangerously and illegally on the road.

"Parents and carers stop on the single yellow line to drop their children off, which is prohibited at that time," she said.

"Not only does this hold up the traffic, it is dangerous for those children who do walk who may think that those vehicles are stationary when they cross - when in fact they are about to pull out."

Parents and guardians have also spotted vehicles stopping on the zigzag line outside the school to drop children off, which they say is both dangerous to pedestrians and prohibited at that time.

Mrs Frearson, along with a band of supporters, has urged a response from fellow parents and Herts County Council to prevent further incidents from occurring on the road.

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Suggestions put forward to tackle the issue include speed bumps, more stopping restriction signs, the presence of PCSOs and permanent traffic wardens.

Headteacher for both schools, Gordon Farquhar, has taken on the role of traffic warden, but this is not seen as a long-term solution by campaigners. HCC has said it will soon be advertising for someone to take up the role.

Traffic cameras and council parking attendants have also been suggested to issue fines and discourage further offences and ensure the safety of children attending the schools.

County councillor Fiona Hill, who represents the Royston East and Ermine division, said: "I have been working with the schools, council officers and the police to try and resolve illegal/irresponsible parking, speeding and congestion issues. For information, a speed indicator device will soon be in place, which will complement the 20 mph flashing signs."

A HCC spokesman added: "We are very keen to work with Greneway and any other school to develop travel plans that would explore and encourage active and safer travel for the whole school community.

"The school crossing patrol for Greneway has recently left the post and we will be advertising soon with a view to appointing a new patrol for the site.

"While we appreciate the efforts of the school staff to manage traffic outside the school, it is vital for safety reasons that anyone who does take on the duties of crossing families across the road has had the proper training by Hertfordshire County Council, wears the correct legal clothing and carries appropriate equipment.

"Any reports of dangerous or illegal driving should be reported to the police."