‘Ordinary mum’ Sarah is the new town mayor of Royston

Cllr Sarah Dingley has been elected as the new Town Mayor for Royston.

Cllr Sarah Dingley has been elected as the new Town Mayor for Royston. - Credit: Archant

The new town mayor of Royston says she will adopt a ‘family-focused approach’ to her year in office.

Councillor Sarah Dingley, a mum of three who lived in Melbourn for seven years before moving to Royston three years ago, has been sworn in to succeed Ben Lewis as the town’s new first citizen.

She said: “It is, of course, an honour to represent the town as mayor this year.

“My three children are all under eight so I hope I can bring the perspective of an ordinary full-time mother of young children to the role, a family-focused approach.”

Sarah, a secondary school teacher for more than 20 years who worked at Royston’s Meridian School as well as in Wales and further afield in New Zealand, became a councillor after responding to an advert in the Crow.

“The last time I attended the Greenbelt Christian festival, I listened to a talk by a Christian MP who said how important it was for people of faith to take part in our democracy. Although this is a very small contribution, I took the advert as a call to action and seized the opportunity.

“I don’t think I could do it alongside a teaching career but, now that is over, I have the capacity to contribute to society in this way instead.”

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Sarah is looking forward to serving the town this year and getting involved with good causes in the community.

She said: “I’m looking forward to supporting as many local charities and groups as possible by raising funds for the Mayor’s Trust Community Fund.

“Any group which operates in Royston is invited to apply for a grant from January 2017 and I hope this will ensure that the people of Royston directly benefit from the fundraising.

“I’m also looking forward to encouraging and highlighting all the amazing goodwill of dozens of voluntary organisations in the town.

“My first events will be the wonderful Royston Open Secrets next month and the scouts’ annual meeting – my daughters both attend the 1st Royston rainbows and love it.

“The same weekend is also Royston in Blue, which is another fantastic event, so there is much to celebrate.”