Olympic Park visit for committee members

MEMBERS of the Royston 2012 Committee visited the “inspiring” London Olympic Park on Thursday.

Committee chair Cllr Lindsay Davidson and vice-chair Les Baker visited the Stratford stadium as part with the Herts is Ready for Winners Scheme.

Cllr Davidson: “The site is nearing completion and it is truly impressive. It really shows the importance of having the Olympic Games in London next year.

“I think we came away from the tour with a greater determination to ensure that in Royston we really celebrate the Olympic Games next year with events that will see our community coming together.

“The work already done on the site is really inspiring and will be absolutely marvellous when completed.”

The tour included visits to the Olympic Stadium, the Aqua centre and the velodrome and look at the work in progress on the Olympic Village and the media centre.

Mr Baker said: “It would be impossible to emulate the scale of the Olympic Games. But we are planning to have Olympic-theme events which we hope will capture the imagination.”

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Plans for next year already include an Olympic-themed May Fayre and other sporting events to celebrate the London Games.

Royston 2012: A Year of Celebrations are organising other events next year too, including celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 850th year of the founding of the Priory which gave birth to Royston.

Meanwhile, the Royston 2012: A Year of Celebration website at www.royston2012.org is now up and running.