‘Old banger’ challenge to cross six countries in six days for Royston and Bassingbourn pals

Ian Scripps and Nick Scott are taking part in the trip in their Austin Maestro

Ian Scripps and Nick Scott are taking part in the trip in their Austin Maestro - Credit: Archant

It’s the type of challenge you’d see on an episode of Top Gear – travelling six countries in six days in an old banger worth less than £600.

But Nick Scott from Royston and Ian Scripps from Bassingbourn will be doing just that in the name of charity.

The friends will be taking part in the challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Ian lost his cousin Craig Scripps to cancer recently and Nick has friends and relatives affected by the disease.

The duo will have to navigate their way across the countries without the aid of sat nav, and will only find out where they are sleeping at the start of each day.

Nick said: “It sounds easy, but trying to find a car more than 25 years old and for less than £600 proved to be difficult.

“It seems any car of that age has been cherished by someone or is a potential money maker as a barn find.

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“Eventually eBay came to the rescue and we went all the way to Stoke on Trent for a 30-year-old Austin Maestro, costing £350 with an MOT that had just expired.

“There are a couple of things needed for the MOT but we will still be under the £600 limit when it’s done.”

The organisers have arranged the way points, accommodation and the final destination for each day.

Each team must have a picture taken at the way point, buy an item typical of the country and arrive at that night’s destination in the shortest possible distance.

The winner is the team who has covered the least number of miles over the six days.

To add an extra obstacle, motorways cannot be used during the challenge.

The items purchased and some of the cars will be auctioned at the end of the feat to raise extra money for charity.

The budding pair will leave Dover to begin the road trip on May 28.

Nick added: “Now all we have to do is raise as much money as we can before we go and during our trip – and make sure we don’t get lost.”

To find out more, visit the team’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/6by6by600 or donate to www.justgiving.com/Nick-Scott2.