Nuthampstead women ordered to pay compensation after dog attack

A 46-YEAR-OLD woman has been ordered to pay compensation after her rottweiler and two mastiff crosses mauled a puppy and its owner.

On December 28 last year Terri Peck was walking her dogs on a public footpath in Nuthampstead, when they attacked a munsterlander puppy belonging to another member of the public.

They then also attacked the owner of the puppy when he tried to stop the fight.

Peck, of Nuthampstead, was given a 12 month conditional discharge at Stevenage Magistrate’s Court and ordered to pay compensation of �345 to cover vets bills as well as court costs of nearly �80. She was also ordered to muzzle the dogs and not to take them out on an extending lead.

Pc Paul Marina, from the North Herts Rural Neighbourhood Team, said: “This was a good result which I hope will encourage other owners to exercise their dogs responsibly and to take the necessary precautions to safe guard themselves and others, when out with their animals in public areas. Failure to do so could end up in a prosecution. “

He said dog owners had a responsibility to ensure their pets are well behaved and never encouraged to be aggressive towards other animals or people.