North Royston Action Group celebrates successful first year

THE North Royston Action Group (NRAG) reflected on its success last week when it celebrated its first birthday.

Since they formed last November, they have fought effectively against the proposed building of 250 new homes off Thackeray Close, organised and held the first Community Exhibition, and joined the Royston 2012 Co-ordinating Committee.

NRAG chairman Jayne Bratton said: “When NRAG began most people thought that as we are only local residents that we couldn’t change anything about what Fairview were planning to do.

“However, by so many people joining together we not only have achieved our original aim of stopping Fairview from building to those original illogical plans but we have also proven that a community uniting can make a real difference.”

“Personally I have made many new friends and met many lovely new neighbours across Royston thanks to being involved with NRAG.”

They held the celebrations at the Banyers Hotel, where plans for NRAG’s second year were announced.

They include continuing to fight to ensure any building work is in their interests, support neighbourhood watch, hold another community exhibition, and work with young people of Royston on a project of their choice.

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“I am so excited about what the next year will bring and I would welcome anyone to be involved in our activities,” said Mrs Bratton.