NHDC ELECTIONS: Labour reaction

LABOUR candidate Les Baker was positive despite his party failing to win a seat in any of Royston’s three wards.

Labour came second in Meridian, Palace and Heath, with Mr Baker (402) losing out to Conservative candidate Jean Green (667) in Palace.

Mr Baker said: “Coming from the low base we were at last year, especially with the general election being held at the same time, there is a great improvement.

“My overriding emotion is that I’m satisfied with the result and the improvement that we have made. It’s not back to the time when I was winning the seat here but we are living in different circumstances. Its something we can build on for the future.”

Mr Baker said that the Liberal Democrats “collapse” at local level had helped them gain votes.

“What really helped us was the collapse locally of the Liberal Democrats,” he said “I think the national picture has had an effect on it. It’s not as bad round here as elsewhere but the more they pursue broken promises their supporters will be let down more, and there will be less support in the future.”