NHDC ELECTIONS: Conservative reaction

CONSERVATIVE councillor Tony Hunter, who retained his seat in Royston Meridian, has thanked the people of his ward for re-electing him.

Cllr Hunter gained 1,058 votes to take the ward, ahead of Vaughan West (Labour - 333), Karen Davies (Lib Dem - 261) and Karen Harmel (Green - 141)

Speaking to The Crow shortly after his party retained their three seats in the town, Cllr Hunter also said his he would continue to try and help all the constituents in his ward.

“I’m delighted that the people of Meridian have put me back into the district council once again,” he said. “I would like to thank the people of the ward for placing their trust in me once more.

“I never expect anything in politics, and when it comes to elections we just wait and see, but this is another positive result.

“I would like to think that I try and help anybody and everybody, whether they are Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative or any other party and I am looking forward to representing Royston.”

Cllr Hunter said that the Conservatives were helped by the shape of national politics damaging the number of Liberal Democrat votes.

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“I think in all honesty we have seen the national picture effect us,” he said. “It does seem that the Liberal vote has been affected by the national politics. The Labour vote had gone Liberal but it’s gone back to being Labour again.”