New infection control method at college to give 'peace of mind'

Newline teams up with Melbourn Village College

Newline Anglia Cleaning Supplies has teamed up with Melbourn Village College to help with infection control. - Credit: Newline

A Royston-based company has teamed up with Melbourn Village College (MVC) to introduce innovative infection control.

Newline Anglia Cleaning and Supplies, based in Greenfield, is working with The Cam Academy Trust - which includes MVC, to roll out Nordic Chem, a revolutionary surface sanitiser.

The trust already gets its PPE and hand sanitisers from Newline and is now using the Nordic Chem formula to offer additional protection and peace of mind across its schools.

Newline Nordic Chem

Newline's Nordic Chem formula is being rolled out at a number of locations, including Melbourn Village College. - Credit: Newline

Nordic Chem is the first surface coating in the UK which is proven to remain active against coronavirus for up to 90 days and works by forming an invisible barrier around the surface which has been coated.

The coating is made up microscopic spikes which destroy viruses which encounter it and is safe and is very effective in a busy school environment.

It’s also very easy to apply. Newline use an electrostatic sprayer, which is safer than a fogger, and cuts labour costs compared to the traditional methods of applying biocides.

Mrs Barnes said: “We have had to overcome challenges, as everyone has, in terms of making sure our premises are safer and cleaner than usual in the age of COVID-19.

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“I did a lot of research into how to enhance the wonderful work that the cleaners in all our schools have been doing so our staff and students feel as safe as they possible can and introduced Newline to Nordic Chem.

“We trialled it at Cambourne Village College and recently introduced it at Melbourn Village College. We will be using it at two of our primary schools in January as part of a wider rollout.

“We do feel Nordic Cham has changed the way we clean for the better and look forward to working with Newline on more innovative approaches in future.”

Jonathan Mait, sales manager at Newline, said: “It is an incredible piece of technology, Nordic Chem’s hypoallergenic formula kills viruses mechanically rather than chemically making it an excellent choice for schools.

"Nordic Chem also offer testing kits for regular assurance that the antimicrobial shield is effective, alleviating any worries of not having done enough.”