Royston Town Council elects Robert Inwood as new mayor

New Royston town mayor Robert Inwood with his predecessor Iain Leggett. Picture: Royston Town Counci

New Royston town mayor Robert Inwood with his predecessor Iain Leggett. Picture: Royston Town Council - Credit: Archant

The new Royston mayor has said he wants to “bring our great community together even more” as he was sworn in at a meeting of the town council on Monday.

Councillor Robert Inwood succeeds Councillor Iain Leggett, whose year as town mayor has ended.

In his speech, Royston's new first citizen said: "Councillors, thank you for electing me as mayor.

"I am honoured and humbled to represent our great town of Royston, so as mayor I promise to work for the benefit of this town and its people in this time of great changes.

"I want to work hard to give the youth hope by working with other organisations by looking into forming a Royston Youth Council. This I believe will give the youth a voice in how the town develops in the future, as I feel sometimes they feel they are not listened to. I hope I have all councillors support on this in making it happen.

"I want to help local businesses achieve their full potential by not only promoting them but also our town as a leader for enterprise - and I hope in doing this they will also help to engage with the youth and create jobs for the future.

"But we need to look at our local environment. We need to change the way some of us think.

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"It's not just about profit, but having a healthy, vibrant town, and keeping open areas accessible to everybody, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

"I want to help the twinning organisation grow and be more recognisable.

"That takes me on to what I want this year to be remembered for - no matter what your background is, I want it to be inclusive.

"I want everyone to get involved in some way or another, and in doing this I hope to bring our great community together even more.

"My consort for this year will be my partner and fiancée Anita Current, and my charities - after much thought - will be the Mayor's Community Trust Fund and Garden House Hospice Care.

"With this, I bring my speech to an end. I thank you all for coming tonight and hope you will support me and this great town of Royston during this year."

The next meeting at Royston Town Council is a planning committee meeting on June 3.

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