New road could be built as part of 130 home scheme

A HUGE housing development plan previously rejected by residents and authorities could still go ahead.

Land to the north of the Burns Road estate, known to developers Fairview Homes as site A, could have 130 homes built on it.

The redesigned plan, which was rejected because there would have been too many homes using the Burns Road roundabout as an access point, will now include a new road running from the top of Old North Road to the back end of the Burns Road estate.

It could become the third development built by Fairview, following their planning permission for 59 homes at Coombelands and a pending application for 27 homes at Thackeray Close.

Tobin Byers of Fairview said: “This time we are expecting a positive response from the public and North Herts District Council.

“Access points for the Burns Road estate have been adapted with the new road and this was the main thing people said they wanted changed. This is what we aim to deliver for them.

“The idea of the housing estate in principle was not what was rejected, it was the way in which it was being built.”

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Fairview initially submitted an application in autumn 2009, but withdrew it to focus on the other two sites in spring 2010 after they faced a backlash.

They have reduced the number of flats but increased the number of family homes and open space in their new plan.

They spoke to councillors and residents groups about the plans on Tuesday, and now plan to hold a full public exhibition at a later date.

Jayne Bratton of North Royston Action Group met with Fairview this week. She was pleased with the changes made.

“It is great to see that Fairview have listened to us and made so many changes to resolve our concerns with the original plans,” she said.

“We are looking forward to reviewing the fully drawn up plans and the detailed documents behind them.”