‘We are stronger together’ – Mayor Rob Inwood reveals plans for a new political party in Royston

Rob Inwood unveiled plans for a new political movement in Royston - and during his broadcast a crow

Rob Inwood unveiled plans for a new political movement in Royston - and during his broadcast a crow flew onto the Royse Stone, much to his delight. Picture: Rob Inwood - Credit: Archant

A new political movement is being started in Royston by current town mayor Councillor Rob Inwood, who made an announcement while stood at The Cross at the weekend.

Rob Inwood – who is currently an Independent councillor – decided now was the time to set the wheels in motion for the new party that would have “Royston at heart”.

He told the Crow: “I believe in our voting system and our democratic system – and if people feel that the national parties are doing what they think is best for Royston, then keep on voting for them.

“But if like me you want to see a change in the 2022 local Royston town elections then come and join me.”

Rob has been hugely active in the community during his time as mayor. He is also active on social media and released a video on Facebook revealing his plans.

Stood at The Cross – next to the Royse Stone – he said he believes “Royston is at a crossroads in politics”. And during the video, a crow landed on the stone – which Rob said was like a “sign”.

Rob continued: “I have been going around the town and meeting people and promoting businesses. I know that, with the Morrisons closure, we’ve got to make sure that this town remains vibrant and we need to get people together who have Royston at heart. It doesnt matter if they have left-leaning ideas, right-leaning ideas or centre ideas. This needs to be tailored specifically for Royston.

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“Since I have been an Independent I have felt much freer. There’s sometimes a tie with national politics where people think they have to vote a certain way, but this needs to be what is best for our town.”

Rob says the movement is in its infancy, and he is looking for people who want to get involved to get in contact with him.

He said: “We need people from every walk of life to get involved.

“If I can get 20 people who are interested, we can get those people in a room when it’s safe to do so, or go on Zoom and share ideas. This gives us a year and a half until the election and by January, I will start working on a manifesto. “It won’t be a negative party, we won’t criticise – it’s about having Royston at heart, and knowing that we are stronger together.”

Search for Rob Inwood on Facebook or email cllr.robert.inwood@roystontowncouncil.gov.uk