MPs respond to Boris Johnson's resignation as leadership race continues

South Cambs MP Anthony Browne and North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald

MPs Sir Oliver Heald and Anthony Browne have commented on Boris Johnson's resignation - Credit: The office of Anthony Browne/Nikki Powell

The MPs for North East Herts and South Cambs have responded to Boris Johnson's resignation as Conservative party leader, as more MPs throw their hat into the ring to become leader of the party.

Sir Oliver Heald, MP for North East Herts, has stated his 'loss of confidence' in Boris Johnson following a spate of government resignations.

The MP tweeted: "Loss of confidence - Boris Johnson won a major election and made decisions to help the UK in the pandemic.

"He has been a stalwart friend to Ukraine and tried to help with the global inflation crisis.

"But recent revelations and events have led to a loss of confidence including mine."

South Cambs MP Anthony Browne said: “We are undoubtedly living through another moment in history, and now we must find the right person to lead the country.

“I am naturally disappointed with how we got here, but the Pincher affair was beyond unacceptable. Number 10 knowingly appointed a sexual predator into a senior position of Government, who had been subject to a formal complaint, a formal investigation, been found guilty and made to apologise.

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"When this was pointed out, they decided to mislead the country and Parliament, pretending they did not know about it.

“Honesty and transparency matter to me. It’s why I rebelled to vote against the amendments proposed in Owen Paterson’s case, and why I was prepared to rebel again to ensure the Privileges Committee investigation.

"There has been a catastrophic destruction of trust in Government, and it is time to restore that trust and rebuild competence in government.

“Our next leader will face tough challenges, and the campaign will be a true test for all candidates and, as in every ballot, almost nothing is certain. 

"May the best person win. In the meantime, South Cambridgeshire has an active advocate and will continue to have one whoever our new leader and Prime Minister is.”

A new Tory leader will now be elected to replace Mr Johnson in No10, with the appointment set to be made before the party conference in October.

Mr Johnson intends to remain at Downing Street until his successor is elected, but faces resistance to that plan from within his own party and the opposition, in light of the mass ministerial exodus in protest at his leadership.