MP speaks out over wind farm plans after exhibition

MP for South Cambridgeshire, Andrew Lansley, has called for plans for a windfarm at Heydon to be abandoned “immediately”.

Mr Lansley was speaking after the first of two exhibitions by developers Volkswind, who are planning on building between eight and 11 turbines standing at 126.5 metres, was held at the Heydon Grange Golf Club on Tuesday.

He had written to Volkswind earlier this week calling for the proposals to be abandoned, citing his opposition to them as the widespread dislike of the plans among his constituents, and a possible adverse effect on the Imperial War Museum air shows at Duxford.

Mr Lansley said: “I have been following the developments at Heydon very closely. While I am not opposed to wind farms where they are built in an efficient and responsible manner, I am deeply opposed to these plans for Heydon.

“In my opinion, the proposed location is extremely inefficient for the purposes of wind-generation. More than that, it is deeply undesirable to those residents not just in Heydon, but in all the surrounding villages.

“It would, I believe, have a disastrous impact on the Duxford air shows. Duxford, a precious piece of our local and national heritage, hosts more air shows than anywhere else in Europe, and is widely considered to be one of the world’s premier air show venues.”

Jason Cross, chairman of the Stop Heydon Wind Farm action group agreed with Mr Lansley, and praised the turn out of local residents at the exhibitions.

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“We made a point of counting the feedback questionnaires that were filled out at the exhibitions, and there were around 200,” he said. “Almost without exception they were appalled and against the concept.

“We were delighted with the attendence, not only by people from Heydon but from Great Chishill, Elmdon and Barley, and they were all against it.

“It was very good news that Andrew Lansley came out yesterday and said that he want the whole thing terminated too. I think it has done well for the cause.

“We have to keep out fingers crossed now and keep on fighting.”

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