Motorist slams supermarket over fuel

A MOTORIST has been “made to feel like a liar” after he was refused compensation from a supermarket for filling up his car with what he claims was the wrong fuel.

David Gough, who lives in Kings Walden, near Hitchin, now faces the choice of paying �4,500 to fix the fault, or having his warranty invalidated.

He had stopped at the Royston branch of Tesco to fill up his Jeep Patriot with 25 litres of diesel on November 3. He then continued his journey to Cambridge, before his car started “kangarooing” – jilting backwards and forwards.

The following day he took the car to his dealership, who confirmed that unleaded had been put into his car.

Mr Gough, a company director, has kept the receipt from the garage, which states that he used a diesel pump, but Tesco has denied they are at fault.

He said: “This has left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I want to expose them for being thieves.

“I consider myself an honest individual and I’m not going to make an allegation about this for no reason, but I have been made to feel like a liar.

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“They think they can bully the customer because of the size of the company, and they know that the individual doesn’t have the power or money to fight them.”

Mr Gough has written to the Tesco’s chief executive, but received the same response as when he made his initial claim – that no other complaints were received from drivers on that day.

“I am now in a situation where my car definitely has unleaded in it. There was nothing wrong with it up until then, and I will either have to pay for the cost or have my warranty ruined,” he said.

“My insurance will cover part of the work needed, but not the work the dealership recommends.”

A Tesco spokesman confirmed that no other complaints were made from that day, so no action could be taken.

A letter addressed to Mr Gough from a Tesco customer service staff member said: “If we had found a fault with our fuel at this site, we would have been happy to pay for any damage caused. As this has not been the case I can’t do this for you.”

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