Motorist challenges ticket

A MOTORIST hopes to set a precedent by proving that speed cameras do not function properly in cold weather.

Andrew Fowler, of Shepreth, is challenging a speeding ticket he received for allegedly driving at 41mph in a 30mph zone in January.

He says he has evidence that proves the Gatso speed cameras, such as the one which flashed him just outside Cambridge, do not function properly when temperatures drop below zero.

He said: “I know I was travelling at just over 30mph, so I was amazed when I received a ticket.

“With the evidence I’ve got, I think I have a good chance of proving how unfair these cameras are.

“If I win, it could be a landmark case for other motorists. Everyone will be able to appeal.”

Mr Fowler told The Crow that the cameras slow down when the temperature drops below zero.

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He says this means that the pause between taking the two images, used to calculate a vehicle’s speed, is wrong, and the readings are misleading.

He said: “I’m determined to get people a fair deal. I don’t have a problem with speed cameras, as long as they work properly.”

The father of three, who is representing himself in court, first challenged the penalty at Cambridge magistrates’ court.

Having lost, and been landed with a �350 bill, he is now making an appeal at Cambridge Crown Court.

He appeared at the court two weeks ago, and a trial date was set for July.

Speaking last month, Robert Gifford, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, said the system used by the Home Office to approve the design of speed cameras was very tough, in order to ensure motorists were not prosecuted unfairly.